Publisher Masterclass Workshop Sharing Your StoryIt’s not a given that when you publish your first, or even your twenty-first book, that you will make a regular income from your books. Most authors are unaware that relying on royalties alone will not supplement even a part-time income, even if your book sells well. Becoming a successful author involves more than great writing. It also involves having a business mindset. Here are the Share Your Story Top 5 Tips to change your writing from hobby to business.


Today’s readers are savvy and sophisticated and they can see through inauthentic online advertising instantly. Authors that use honest marketing, real customer reviews and have a genuine connection with their audience are the ones set to thrive in the industry.


As more women are starting writing than ever before we’re seeing new ideas, new perspectives and new works that are shaking up the arts world. Even more exciting is the new generation of authors who are finding solutions to old problems and the new ones that have begun emerging. Creative people are more intuitive and more likely to be inspired by a strong calling to make an impact through their author business. This unique combination of creativity and passion to make the world a better place is a success story waiting to happen. Authors in business need to be increasingly focused on ethics, diversity and include humanitarian efforts and other social enterprises to give back to the writing community, as well as their community as a whole.


As more and more people become disenchanted with the nine to five we’re seeing people using their former career and corporate skills to become best selling non-fiction authors. They are increasingly looking for creative ways to be their own boss by either becoming writers or creating their own guest speaking opportunities and starting innovative and collaborative author businesses based on niche topics and a specific skill set.


There are lots of great ideas for books out there just waiting to get published and in 2018 we will continue to see more innovative publications and new digital technology changing the way readers access those stories. Artificial Intelligence or AI will become more advanced and is set to revolutionise the way we buy and sell, but more important for the publishing industry is the resurgence of book launches, book signings and author events. As exciting as the evolution of technology is, we still see people with a preference for physical books. In a world that had become more and more isolating, the need for new and innovative ways for people to meet up and connect will change the way authors sell their books.


Authors are increasingly learning from their peers, rather than established authors who are now themselves having to relearn the marketing and publication game with a new set of rules created by the rise of social media. This will result in more writers retreats, more mindfulness workshops for authors and more business based programs as authors strive to find better balance between finding time to write and finding time to sell their books.


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