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It’s Begining To Look Like Christmas

An Anthology of Christmas Tales

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Marketing Your Book Without The Hard Sell

Learn the 5 step process

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Practically Single

Managing your money and life after divorce

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Recent Posts

I Can’t Write Today, I Got the Block

Pressure is not productive. I am thankful for the parts of my brain that work well and for the times I am able to think and write clearly. But, if today is not one of those days, I’m not going to worry myself about it. There’s a reason I’m not a brain surgeon.

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6 Steps to Rise Above Rejection

Rejection can create real mental suffering, causing worry about being good enough, uncertainty, regret, guilt and even grief. Follow my 6 step strategy to getting back on your feet and resubmitting your story.

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Sharing Your Story

What you do matters, your story matters, by sharing your story, you could change a life, maybe even your own!