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Does your story have what it takes to get published?

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“There have never been so many options for authors to get their story in the hands of readers all around the world. One of the main obstacles that aspiring authors face is the lack of objective validation that their story has substance and worth.”

Does your story have what it takes to entertain, inform, inspire? Have you received rejection from publishers and are looking to revamp your manuscript to make it more appealing to the traditional market? Would you like an honest opinion and validation of your dream of publication?

Share Your Story’s Manuscript Editing and Assessment Service provides honest, constructive and comprehensive feedback for all genres of children’s writing, helping you transition from a work in progress to  a submission ready manuscscript.

Our team of industry professionals and established, experienced writers will spend time with your story and provide you with suggested edits and a full page assessment brief, including suggested publishing options.

What Does Your Assessment Include?

Story Feedback

Recieve valuable feedback about your story concept

Your Target Market

Ideas about where your story sits in the market and 3 recommendations of publishers that suit your style of book for you to consider when you’re ready to submit your manuscript


Editorial Suggestions

Gain constructive editorial suggestions to help with revisions

Let us help you take the next step on your journey to publication

Manuscript Assessment $100 AUD

Our editing and assessment service covers one of the following:


Picture Books

Full Manuscript


Children’s and YA

1-3 Chapters


Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

1-3 Chapters, max 5000 words

Complete our purchase form and upload your manuscript

Please include:


100-word synopsis for chapter books with three sample chapters


Double spaced, 12 point, complete picture book manuscript

Please upload your manuscript.
5mb maximum filesize.

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