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Our industry professionals have developed a coaching program that focuses on strategies for success for aspiring authors, illustrators and screenwriters all around the world. The program consists of up to 5 strategy sessions.

Strategy is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position your brand in the your industry.

At our strategy sessions, you make decisions on how you will create wealth doing what you love by following each step of the Share Your Story framework.

For every strategy session we host, at the cost of $200 AUD per session, Share Your Story will provide one day of education for a disadvantaged girl in Cambodia to attend a local trade college, thanks to the support of B1G1. The number of sessions is totally flexible and catered to your needs.

You can find out more about how you are helping us to make a difference:






Unlike most other mentor Sessions, Share Your Story has a five step process that is individually tailored to your needs:

1. What are your big dreams? What is your purpose, your motivation? This first step is about your ideal future, and it frames all other decisions.
2. Where you position your brand and how you can become a leader are tightly connected and are the heart of your strategy session. This is where we begin to narrow our focus.
3. You’ll decide what will enable you to create unique value and sustainably deliver content that adds value to the world
4. Capabilities are the map of activities and competencies that enable you to connect with the target market you’ve chosen. You must identify what capabilities you have and what else is needed to support this strategic path.
5. The final step in your strategy session will focus on systems that foster, support, and measure the outcomes. These will vary based on your aspirations, the choices you’ve made and the path you regard to be the best in order to share your story.


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Michelle Worthington is an international award winning multi-published author of empowering picture books for children of all ages and abilities.

Two time winner of the International Book Award for Children’s Hardcover Fiction and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards and Book Excellence Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award for Children’s Literature and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in children’s literature.

Her goal is to inspire aspiring authors to believe in themselves as Director and Senior Mentor of Share Your Story Australia.

Michelle Worthington

Senior Mentor

Martii Maclean writes unique stories for young readers that will fascinate, entertain and spark the imagination.

Martii’s life has been enriched by books since she was very young. Over the years, as a mum and grandma, teacher and teacher-librarian, she has had the privilege of sharing her love of stories and story-telling with many young people. These experiences have given her precious insight into what makes stories enjoyable for young readers.

And this has inspired her to create her own unique stories for young people so that they can explore the strange, twisty and wonderful ‘what if’ worlds that are just beyond the here and now.

She is committed to creating unique and thought-filled books and believes in the strength networking between creatives to help us all achieve our dreams.

Martii Maclean

Fantasy Mentor

Dannika Patterson writes stories to delight and engage children, aged 4-8. Stories that entertain, ignite imaginations and linger in hearts.

Over the past 15 years Dannika’s writing has been published internationally across a range of business and marketing platforms including radio, mobile, print and online media. She has created bespoke content for large multinational telecommunications companies, written advertisements and provided copywriting services for successful Australian brands in health and education, and runs her own small business marketing and copywriting consultancy.

Dannika Patterson

Kidlit Mentor

Reece Anderson is a married father of two who was born in Wellington New Zealand; he currently resides in Brisbane, Australia where he has lived for the past 10 years.

Reece has worked in Management for most of his adult life, but his real passion is in coaching and mentoring others while sharing his experiences in overcoming debilitating anxiety.

Reece Anderson

Life Coach

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Michel currently lives with her husband on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

She began studying Professional Children’s Writing and Publishing in 2008, and graduated three years later—proudly receiving High Distinction in nine out of twelve subjects.

Her love of children’s books, both picture and junior fiction, originated from years of reading to her son when he was growing up. It was many years later however, before Michel eventually decided to pursue a career in writing for children.

Her preferred style of writing is fast paced, junior fiction stories with lots of humour and unpredictability.

Michel Deverall

Middle Grade and Chapter Book Mentor

Emotion is at the centre of Giuseppe’s work. A creative from a young age, he is new to the Children’s Literature industry. Giuseppe has illustrated five pictures books, Hootie the Cutie (New Frontier, 2014), Fearless with Dad (New Frontier, 2015 and published in Korea), Oliver’s Grumbles (DragonTales, 2015) and his latest Baby Band (New Frontier, 2017). Next year, 2018, is looking to be his biggest year yet with his debut as an Author Illustrator.

A sought after presenter at schools Giuseppe loves sharing his passion for imagination, the creative process and our unlimited potential.

Giuseppe has found his home in Children’s Literature – he is feverishly growing his Author Illustrator career and can’t wait to publish his own stories to continue to delight people for many more years to come.

Giuseppe Poli

Author/Illustrator Mentor

Emma’s passion is to create children’s literature and illustration that enhances and promotes the inner space of a child, giving them the means to hold a sense of wonder, delight and unlimited possibility.

The wellspring for Emma’s creative passion is fed by a fifteen-year career in the creative world of professional ballet, and the deeply rewarding experience of teaching, at her own ballet school, to a generation of children.

Now, Emma feels she has found in children’s literature, a place where her two past worlds have a natural creative collision. Her interactions with children bring literature to life through the rhythm of music, the drama of story, and the colour of art.

Emma Middleton

Author/Illustrator Mentor

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