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Across the world, a revolution has taken place.

Creators are looking to achieve a deeper engagement by empowering themselves with the knowledge they need to make a living doing what they love.

Share Your Story helps aspiring authors and illustrators by connecting them with industry professionals to help them on their journey.

By attending workshops with like-minded people, one on one coaching opportunities with award winning authors and honest, constructive manuscript appraisals, creatives in the Share Your Story tribe can optimise their ability to keep their network fresh and active, strengthen connections and know more about the people who are succeeding in their chosen industry.

Editing and Manuscript Appraisals

Our Manuscript  Editing and Assessment service provides honest, constructive and comprehensive feedback for children’s writers, from works in progress to submission ready stories.

One on One Coaching

If you would rather have some one on one feedback as well as or instead of a group session, author mentor programs are available for aspiring children’s writers.

Workshops and Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events or workshops and discover industry tips and secrets of professional authors, publishers and more.

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Make them want to read the story, without giving away the whole plot. Your cover letter is only designed to make them want to give you and your story a chance to make it out of the slush pile.

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Sharing Your Story

What you do matters, your story matters, by sharing your story, you could change a life, maybe even your own!

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